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Glenarm Festival of Voice 2019: Finalists Announcement

Congratulations to our five finalists for the Northern Ireland Opera Voice of 2019 competition at this year’s Glenarm Festival of Voice: Conor Breen (tenor) from County Armagh; Ava Dodd (soprano) from Dublin; Susie Gibbons (soprano) from Dublin; Brian McAlea (baritone) from Belfast; and Dominica Williams (mezzo-soprano) from Dublin.

During the festival, these five singers will have the opportunity to work with vocal coaches in the build-up to the Competition Finale at 7 p.m. on Sunday 1st September, where they will sing arias, duets and songs in front of a panel of opera experts and the audience, hosted by our Patron, Sean Rafferty.  The winners of the Northern Ireland Opera Voice of 2019 award and the audience prize (voted for by those attending) will be announced at the end of the evening.

The Glenarm Festival of Voice takes place annually in this beautiful north coast village in partnership with BBC Radio 3.  Six events take place over three days, including three separate Invitation Recitals with Radio 3, this year featuring Ema Nikolovska, Siobhan Stagg and Samuel Hasselhorn.  The NI Opera Studio will perform Jacques Offenbach’s Tulipatan and the Glens of Antrim Singing Explorers, a children’s choir, will perform a concert after a week’s singing summer school.

This year for the first time, there will be an afternoon dining event in the Glenarm Castle Tea Room, ‘Flavours of the Festival’, immediately before the Competition Finale on Sunday 1st September where you can hear our five finalists perform.

Across the three days of the festival, our five finalists will also be rehearsing in three of Glenarm’s churches: these are open to all, so do feel free to come in and listen!

For more information and tickets for all six events at this year’s Festival of Voice, please click here