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Opera Club: Astor Piazzolla’s ‘María de Buenos Aires’

María de Buenos Aires
A Tango Opera by Astor Piazzolla

Opéra national du Rhin
English subtitles


As the next ‘Discovery’ for our online Opera Club, Northern Ireland Opera would like to introduce a remarkable piece of music theatre in its true sense, written by the outstanding tango composers of the 20th century – Astor Piazzolla.

Premiered in 1968, María de Buenos Aires was conceived as a “Tango-Operita”. Piazzolla and his librettist Horacio Ferrer wrote it for dancers, vocalists, a narrator and a band comprising bandoneon, piano, guitar, violin, percussion, vibraphone, cello, flute and double bass.

The piece traces the story of María, a young woman living in poverty and working at a brothel in Buenos Aires. Only when dancing, María can forget her predicament and imagine a life away from hardship – in the tango, she finds energy and motivation to fight for a more fulfilling existence. However, her reckless passion also holds dangers…

María de Buenos Aires is a story about the eternal circle of life – its aspirations, successes, failures … and, it is a sumptuous, melancholic, and often dramatic love letter to the tango, and its erotic energy. The production at the Opéra national du Rhin is directed by a creative team of Argentines, with Matias Tripodi as choreographer, music director Nicolas Agullo, and the ensemble La Grossa – Orquesta Tipica de la Maison Argentine.

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