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Join the little bird as it takes you and your baby on a magical journey through the forest to the lake and listen to some well-loved opera arias and children’s songs.


‘Little Lullabies’ is an interactive event for babies and their parents or guardians which Northern Ireland Opera has been bringing to festivals and events for a number of years. In this online version, with presenter and opera singer Laura McFall, you’ll be able to enjoy ‘Little Lullabies’ from your own home.

We hope we’ll be back in our favourite venues soon, bringing live opera to your babies. Until then, Laura will bring the music to you!  Click into our gallery below to see some images of past ‘Little Lullabies’ events.

Laura was a member of the Young Artists Programme (now the NI Opera Studio) from 2015/16. She is a lecturer of Musicianship at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Junior, and has worked as lead musicianship tutor at Big Noise, Sistema Scotland. Laura also works as a freelance music educator with NI Opera, Belfast Music Society, National Youth Choir of Northern Ireland/Scotland, and Sestina, and develops interactive performances/workshops for children of all ages and abilities.